One response to “Featured

  1. Great sight John. Good to see you haven’t changed a bit. Not bad in a toga either. (However not as good as the big titted black Carmen Miranda outfit you wore for Halloween at Jeff’s hacienda back in the late 80’s. Think it was a combination of Jack and cheap Merlot that inspired us to press our bare asses up against the dinning room table while the smorgasbord was being served.) Yeah, no doubt we impressed a lot of gals that night.— Don’t drink Jack now. Beam or Rebel Yell and still a bottle of Merlot every day.. I hear it’s good for long life and erectile deficiencies. (At 64, I’m still working on both of those.) Crane Lake makes a nice cheap Merlot. Think it’s up to $5.00 now at my corner grocery store, Aldrich’s here in Port Townsend. Use it at all my openings. —-Why Drink? A damn good way to put paint on a canvas as one forgets the aches and pains…… Later, Hale.

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