Pierre Rougon Ventoux 2013 Grenache/Syrah

John Wine Snob says:Mrs wine Snob and I had dinner at the French Grocery in Phoenix. They have an endless and exclusively French wine list, so choosing is not an easy task. We decided to go cheap (go figure) and have this week’s house red which was a Pierre Rougon Ventoux 2013 Grenache/Syrah for $20. When the waiter opened it we got a very nice summer time aroma. I tasted and liked it right away, but I felt it needed a little breathing room. I told Mrs. Wine Snob that I thought we should wait until food arrived to drink. It was a bit shy and needed time to primp and preen. It took a while for our orders to arrive, so we decided to try. It was nice and dry like the mountainous area it calls home. It had a very deep and sensual color and great berry and floral flavors. There was a minty exhale that lasted a while -very pleasant. Appetizers of fried langoustines and chicken liver paté were very nicely enhanced. Then with the delectible unusual baked sort of crab cake in a cast iron skillet and the duck confit with a light salad, we left very satisfied and glowing. It took me back to al of our drives through the French wine country. I am giving this cheap and sneaky one 4 stars.



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