Fadeaway Pinot Noir 2014

John Wine Snob says:What wine does one have with an odd and eclectic meal like roasted potatoes, borscht, strong French cheeses with bread, and fresh figs? The meal was then topped off with chocolate ice cream. I don’t know!!! I just closed my eyes and reached into La Cave à Vin Avedisian and pulled out the Fadeaway Pinot Noir 2014 from Monterey County. There were several layers of flavors that worked well together and balanced each other. None overpowered. The borscht made me want to invade Crimea and the French cheeses told me to surrender to the sensual pleasures. The wine spanned both attitudes. It was sort of chocolaty and sort of flowery, but not overly so. It was strong enough to compete with the cheeses and polite enough to go with the figs. It was red enough to go with the borscht. It is not a perfect wine, but for $8.99 at Sprouts we reached détente, so for that it earned 3 stars.



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