Chateau Roudier 2009 Montagne Saint Emilion

John Wine Snob says:

I have this tradition. Nearly every New Year’s Eve for the past 35 Years I have made a French winter fruit salad. This year it was a little late, but no matter. I take a lot of time with this particular salad. It entails boiling figs, and other dried fruits, and then sautéing some apples oranges and pears and soaking all in tea over night along with many other secret ingredients. This review is not about the fruit salad, but it went so well with the wine that I have to tell the story. I have made it for friends in Moscow, Paris, and London as well as here at home. Before serving it I always tell guests that if they have ever tasted a better fruit salad that I will kiss their a#@es. I have yet to kiss an a#@ in all these years. In any case guests came to our house for dinner one evening in January and they brought this bottle of Chateau Roudier 2009 from Montagne Saint Emilion I love that part of France. Anyway this is a short story made long. I served the fruit salad along with this wine and as always the salad was a big hit. It had a really bold pepper and red currant entry nice refreshing minty sort of exhale. Each piece of fruit – the dried apricots, raisins, figs, apples, pears, oranges etc. enhanced the wine, which seemed to pick up all of their flavors. I think the orange zest in the salad caused the mint coolness. I will give this wine a rare 4 stars.

Chateau Roudier


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