Tree of Life: Pomegranate

John Wine Snob says:

The 100th Anniversary of Armenian Martyrs Day was April 25, 2015. I mention this because the entire month of April commemorative events were held world wide including an exhibition of my paintings dedicated to the survivors, my grandparents having been among them. It matters not that the art of wine making originated in Armenia. They still have not quite gotten it right. I have had enough Armenian wine in my life to know that most of them are just plain bad, so understandably I was a bit reluctant when friends Kim and Dana recommended the Tree of Life Pomegranate Wine from Armenia. It is $10 at Sprouts, and is made from pure pomegranate juice. Armenian wine is too often fortified with sugar making most of them undrinkable to me, but this one was a bit different. It had that pure pomegranate flavor with a slight fizz. It was a dessert wine, but without the extra sugar. There was that nice bitterness that pomegranate seeds have making the tongue slightly numb. I have to crank this one up to 3 stars.



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