Kooksoondang Rice Wine

John Wine Snob says:

‘Twas the end of the year art teacher retirement party for my friend and colleague, Rosa Wilno. A young upstart colleague, Kyle and his girlfriend, Chris, stopped at a Korean market and brought a bottle of Korean Kooksoondang rice wine. Weird is the word. I don’t mind a twist top wine. It has been perfected over the years, so it is not necessarily a sign of a bad wine. I have a little problem wit a wine that comes in a plastic bottle, though. Very odd. Anyway, I took a little taste and to my surprise it did not gag me. Under certain circumstances it could be quite pleasant. It had a very ricey flavor, but with just a little sweetness. It was brought right from the store to the table so it was room temp. I would have served it chilled. I would have to try this one again, to make a really fair judgment because my taste buds had already been tainted by other wines, beer, and bourbon that evening. I think I can give this one 1.5 stars, but don’t tell Kim Jong Un.



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