Chateau Petit-Freylon Bordeaux 2011

Jeff Wine Snob:

Please! Duct tape my nose to this glass of wine!!! A beautiful ,wonderful and fragrant an old farm house or shed full of old wine casks…The flavor? It was good..very dark with rich berry flavors..but kinda left me after ” Hello “Very reasonable for $6. a glass at Whining Pig ..with a great pour Thanks!

John Wine Snob says:

I met Jeff Wine Snob at the Whining Pig for happy hour the other day. By far the best wine we tried, and I think Jeff would agree, was the Chateau Petite Freylon 2011. The Happy Hour price was $6 a glass. The wine tasted like dirt, mushrooms, and frogs, but I mean that in the best possible way. That is the way a Bordeaux should taste. It needs to be earthy and a little like a stagnant pond. I am giving this Frenchy four stars.



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