Sorelle Bronco Prosecco

John Wine Snob says:

A birthday dinner with Mrs. Wine Snob at Pizzeria Bianco. was just what the doctor ordered. The meal started with a wonderful pate’ on crustini with dried wild cherry preserves, then a perfectly prepared pan roasted lamb with squash. We ordered a bottle of Sorelle Bronco Prosecco extra dry sparkling wine from Italy. Dry? It was so dry and light it was like drinking bubbly air. Owner Chris Bianco really knows his stuff when it comes to both food and wine. He features both Italian wines and the best of Arizona wines. My one objection was that the sparkling wine was served in white wine glasses instead of flutes. But no matter. This was a superior sparkling wine. At $45 it was not all that expensive either. It was so light I was afraid it might blow away in the cool evening breeze. As the monk, Dom Perigon said when Champagne was accidentally invented at his monastery, “Brothers, come quickly, I am drinking the stars.” This wine from the cosmos gets 4 stars.

Sorelle Bronca 2bianco


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