Ercavio Tempranillo 2012

John Wine Snob Says:

Aha! The Newton! It has been open for a few months, but I had not yet stepped inside. I am really glad I did. Changing Hands Bookstore is the building. There is a restaurant and a wine bar as well. It is a very comfortable place. I sat at the bar and looked at the wine list. A nice but not very knowledgeable young woman was not able to answer any of my questions adequately, but nothing to fret over. I ordered a glass of a Spanish Tempranillo that I had not had before. It was a 2012 Ercavio, and it was a little more in- your-Face that I expected. I like Tempranillos in the summer for their lightness, but this had a nice heavy warmness to it. It was sort of juicy with lots of cherry and chocolate flavors. I will give this on 3 stars for being a nice surprise.



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