Tuella 2011 Vinho Tinto

John Wine Snob says:

I didn’t know there were any $4.99 wines left? Wine prices have cranked up significantly over the past two years making it more and more difficult to be a “Cheap” Wine Snob, but “Moderately Priced Wine Snob” does not have the same  lilt to it. In any case, I found the Tuella 2011 Vinho Tinto from Portugal, a red blend, at Trader Joe’s for $4.99. It is from the Symington Family Estates. We once had a Governor here in Arizona named Symington who was impeached and even did some jail time. He then became a chef and later just sort of disappeared. Maybe I found him in Portugal…maybe not. This wine doesn’t quite suck, but it is certainly no winner either. It is very one-dimensional.  It is sort of fruity. This is a perfect wine when you have just had your car smashed by another driver as I did. You don’t need anything special. You just need to drink a friggin’ bottle of wine. I will give it 2 stars.



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