Reserve De L’Aube 2012

John Wine Snob says::

I was casually walking through Cost Plus Imports and walked through the wine section, as I naturally always do, and I found the French Reserve De L’Aube 2012 for only $7.99. It is a blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Merlot which creates a very nice balance. I grilled some thick cut pork chops with apples and baby carrots that evening, I needed something with some fruit and body, and this did the trick.  Mrs. Wine Snob said, “Any time you want to make me happy with a bottle of wine, this is the one.” The Merlot gave it some nice fruit and body, and the Syrah kept the Merlot in check with some twangy acid and pepper. This is the perfect Cheap Wine Snob wine. Cheap, flavorful, with lots of big body…just like John Wine Snob. I am rating this one with four stars.

Reserve de l'abue


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