Jacob’s Creek Red Blend 2012


John Wine Snob says:


As B.B. King said, “That’s why I sing the Blues.” I do not know what tragedy occurred at Jacob’s Creek in Australia in 2012, but it sure did have a negative impact on the Red Blend. I have had lots of $4.99 wines that have been,  not great, but pretty good and drinkable, but this is not one of them. This is a boring wine that you can serve to boring guests. There is just no depth, no imagination, and way too simple, for a Cheap Wine Snob’s discerning palette. If your aim is to just get drunk and you are too embarrassed to buy Annie Green Springs or Boone’s Farm this might work, but otherwise, when you see it in your local store, I beg of you. Walk away. Just walk away. I will give this down under dud 1.5 stars.

Jacobs Creek


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