Bridlewood Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

I don’t use the word ” insipid ” much… It’s part of my lexicon that is only used from the my most aptly used dark words file. Hellava way to start a review? well yes it is……….I was in Safeway..and just wanted something like a Jlohr to accompany my dinner for the evening…I wanted something that is reasonably priced, is consistently made and and tastes like my expectations. My ” wine steward ” at the store suggested this Bridlewood as an alternative: ” well it’s from the same area ” Paso it  it will be similar”  Wrong ! what a heavy handed INSIPID  overbearing syrupy wine..I really thought that I was taken ” Prisoner” by this low life wanna be Zinfandel masking as a cab wine. YEch! Shame on you Miss wine person from Safeway to compare this wine with JLOHR.   I’ll give it 2 stars because a wino would drink it and think it was healthy cough syrup!





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