Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon

John Wine Snob says:
I am deep in the heart of Illinois farm country at my brother, the country gentleman and his wife the Baroness’s house. The pastoral setting and thickets of deer inhabited forest calls for some earthy meal. My brother slow smoked ribs all day and we both whip a few other Armenian delights for my Mom, sister in law Vicki, my cousin Mary, and her inamorata, Melanie. It called for a wine of complexity, so for $10 I bought a bottle ofavalon from California. It was deep red and aromatic. Alone it might have been a little rough, but with ribs, pilaf, and a cucumber yogurt salad among the rustic greenery it was gold. The first thing I noticed was the spiciness it also had a strong cherry essence and maybe a slight chocolate. This Cab contributed to a nice meal,  a nice cool summer evening, and a sublime rural setting. I will give this one a very low 4 stars.



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