Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2013

John Wine Snob says:
The last time I went to Whole  Foods and sat at the bar with a glass of wine, I was not terribly happy. The wine was ok but the bar tender was not. He was as big as an ox and almost as smart. This time was a lot different. There was another big guy behind the bar, but this one was pleasant, as was the waitress who came to my table. She recommended the Italian Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2013. She raved about it. I would not rave, but it was certainly not a bad wine, although at $22 a bottle I expect more complexity. As usual Whole Foods chills their white wine a little too much, but it was sort of welcome on a 100 degree Phoenix Spring afternoon. Most Pinot Grigios do not have many bells and whistles, and this one followed suit. The aroma and color promised a little more, and so did my waitress, but for a drive by glass of wine it was just what the Dr. ordered. There were some citrus flavors, some floral flavors, and a little cheap perfume. I would like to give it a 3, but 2.5 stars is as high as I can go on this one.

Just a little story from Jeff about this wine …I remember years ago that I was shopping in a Carrefour mega store in Italy . I saw this Santa Margherita on  sale for $6. a bottle…!!!! talk about a mark up!


photo 12


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