Little Rascals Sauvignon Blanc 2012


John Wine Snob asks:


What wine would The Little Rascals drink?  Let’s start with the Big Boss Man, Spanky. No wine. I think Spanky is a Scotch man all the way. How about Alfalfa? I think he fancies himself to be a cultured man, so probably no domestic wines for him. Since he is a gifted singer then probably an Italian Primitivo (Merlot). It would be delicate on the voice. Butch and Woim would drink some rot-gut like Boone’s Farm ot Annie Green Springs because they have no taste, and they just don’t care. I was always in love with Darla., so I would treat her to a delicate slightly cooled Tempranillo. But let’s get down to business. My favorite Little Rascal was always, Stymie. He was the smartest. He had the best sense of humor. He was the most complicated. I think he would be up for anything of quality. I found a bottle of Napa Valley Little Rascals Sauvignon Blanc 2012 for $8.99.  Although not a complicated wine, I think Stymie would approve for a first meeting wine. It is very flowery and has a little citrus. It is a little heavier than most Cabernet Sauvignons. One might even guess it to be a Chardonnay. My pal, Stymie and I will give this one a strong 2.5


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