Coteaux Bourguignons 2011 Gamay , Carnivor 2012


John Wine Snob says:


I met Jeff Wine Snob at Postino wine bar in Phoenix. I arrived first and ordered a bottle of Coteaux Bourguignons 2011 Gamay from Dominique Piron for the Happy Hour price of $20. Neither of us had ever reviewed a Gamay before, so I thought it was about time. Gamay is often used in red blends in France, so pouring the deep unique purple, typical of Gamay was a visual treat. When I tasted I started thinking about my dog, Otis, a chocolate lab with unusual taste. He eats socks. No, he does not just get them and chew on them. He steals them and swallows them whole, then in few days I find them in the yard in a twisted knot of gastric juices. How he swallows an entire dry sock I will never know. I have lost at least thirty pairs that way, and that is no exaggeration. In any case, this Gamay was pretty dry like Otis’s favorite snack. I felt like I needed a glass of water to wash down the wine. When Jeff Wine Snob arrived I think he was of the same opinion. We both thought it opened up after a while and started to go down pretty well with the bruschetta topped with a variety of prosciuttos, cheeses, apples, mascarpone, artichoke, etc. I ended up being fairly happy with this wine, but not $20 happy.


I will give it 2.5 stars for being over priced and one-dimensional.

I agree with John’s take on this Gamay .I thought that it was quite flat and 1 dimensional except for the fact that it had an incredibly stanky nose that was ..possibly akin to John’s socks!!…The nose also was a bit maybe they meant Gamey  Bourguignons  and misspelled it to Gamay!!


After Postino we waddled on over to The Whining Pig. I asked my favorite bartender, Gary, to pour us something meaty. With a smirk he grabbed a bottle of Carnivor 2012 and poured. It was super crowded and I could not get close enough to the bar to even see what the grape was, but I usually trust Gary’s judgment. Jeff and I both tasted over a manly plate of salamis and cheeses and tried to guess. It had a very strong cherry flavor and was not very complicated. I said Pinot Noir and Jeff said something else, but I don’t remember what. We were both wrong anyway. It ended up being a Cabernet Sauvignon. Go figure. That would have been one of my last guesses. It was too thick and fruity for a Cab. I would probably have it with lamb chops or even hamburgers. It would be a good outdoor barbeque wine, but not much else. It was not bad, but it certainly was not anything special. It gets a 2.5 from me.

coteaux Coteaux Bourguignons Gamay whining pigJPG


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