Nero d’Avolo Ruggero di Tasso


John Wine Snob says:


The Archero Nero d’Avolo Ruggero di Tasso is a pretty good by for around $4 at Trader Joes. I felt like I was soaking is a vat of crushed and fermenting cherries. The aroma was rich, the color was rich, the taste was rich. The only thing not rich that evening was John Wine Snob.  Ms. Wine Snob had it had it with a variety of patés and cheeses, but it would be a gréât pasta, pizza, or even hamburger « go with » wine.  When a wine is this cheap and this good I always crank up its rating a bit. In reality it should be about a 2.5 and maybe  3, but I will give it a 3.5 for being a little Italian waif child with great  ambitions.

Nero d'Avolo


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