John Wine Snob says:


Recently I went on a facebook rant about the Commandaria wine from Cyprus made by P. Kkoullas and Sons. This bottle had been in the house for about four or five years, and I could not remember where it came from. I accused my Cypriot friend, Nicos and P. Kkoullas and sons of possibly trying to poison me. Mrs. Wine Snob reminded me that it was a gift to her from our friend, Leeza, from Moscow. Mrs. wine snob recently found it and gave it to me to try, and I thought she might be trying to poison me too.  This thing is in a funny shaped 20 cl bottle with a crooked label and came in a leather pouch. It has a weird sort of brownish color with lots of lees floating and swimming in it. I thought this must be something disgusting and horrible, but I tried it anyway because as I always say, “I try bad wines so you don’t have to.” I reluctantly opened this odd little bottle and poured a glass. At first Mrs. Wine Snob was a bit resistant, but eventually, when she realized she would not have to call poison control, she joined me. I am not a sweet wine lover by any means, but after my original uninformed tirade, I was able to judge without any prejudice. I have to say that it was a pretty good dessert wine if one likes dessert wines. It was like a bubbling caldron of fermented cherries. Nice aroma. Nice flavors. A little syrupy and sweet for my taste, but anyone who loves sweet wines might really enjoy this one. It is one of the best wines I didn’t like. I will give it 3 stars.



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