Hedgeline Vineyards Chardonnay 2009


John Wine Snob says:


How do you like them apples?  I bought the most incredible rainbow carrots at Sprouts along with some bok choi, asparagus, and leeks. I fired up the old wok and stir-fried them. The advantage of living in Arizona in the winter is that I picked a few handsful  (by the way my spell check tried to correct my use of handsful and tried to make me say handfuls. Stupid machine) of herbs from the garden and pulled some lemons from the tree and threw that in. I then pan seared some scallops and started to search for the perfect wine. I wanted a Chardonnay that was lighter than usual, so I dug out a Hedgeline Vineyards 2009 Chard from Washington. It was as I had hoped. It was not very oaky, not too yellow, and had wonderful apple aromas that reminded me of my childhood apple picking days in Illinois. Mrs. Wine Snob and I ended it with some blueberries and cream. Perfection. I am laying 4 stars on this orchard denizen.



hedgelin 1


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