Arizona Angel Zinfandel / Syrah


John Wine Snob says:


When I opened the bottle of Arizona Angel Zinfandel/Syrah from Wilcox (no vintage) I though I had a corked bottle. It had a bit of a metallic smell to it. I tasted and, although not corked, I got more of that metallic and medicinal taste. It reminded me of the dentist I went to as a kid. It was back in the days when they wore no gloves or masks and old Dr. Lee had hairy hands and fat fingers, and whatever odors of mercury and other toxins he had on his hirsute paws was imparted into my little maw. My mother told me many years later that we quite seeing him because she saw him going from patient to patient without washing his hands. With that appetizing story, I will say that this wine was not as bad as those dentist visits. I actually started to realize that the flavors were coming from the minerals and metals such as copper in the Arizona soil. It began to grow on me, so my beginning rating was going to be less than 2 stars, but I moved it up to 2.5. I think this one might work with some Arizona game like javalina (peccary-) or elk. Maybe even a jackrabbit laced with jalapenos on the grill with some cactus fruit would be a good pairing. I think it could stand up to the heat and gaminess.

AZ Angel


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