Ravenswood Zinfandel


John Wine Snob says:


Ok so I reviewed it before, and even in the same place. Let’s see if I rated it the same. We were at one of my favorite restaurants, Central Bistro, last night. Chef Andrea Volpi is terrific and our usual waiter Andy is a great guy and an ultimate pro. Menu items included Steak Rossini, duck a l’orange, and many other tantalizing and exquisite treats to delight the taste buds and drain the bank account.  In any case I decided to be a simple and easy troglodyte and get a hamburger. But it is not just a burger. It is topped with the most sumptuous foie gras in town. All of this leads to the selection of wine. Since someone else was paying I thought I would go cheap, as a good and well-mannered Cheap Wine Snob should. I ordered a bottle of the Ravenswood Zinfandel, for $27, which I have also reviewed in the past. Andy returned with a bottle of Rosenblum Zin 2010 same price,saying they were out of the Ravenswood. I was familiar, so “OK” said I.” Zinfandel is always my “go to” wine with a hamburger. Rosenblum did not fail. It is rich enough and thick enough to stand up to all of that beef, cheese, and frois gras. It is sort of like diving into a vat of stomped on fruit. Take my advice. If you order a hamburger in an upscale restaurant, back it up with a really nice Zinfandel. Rosenblum, like Ravenswood will always do the trick. I will give it a 3. Is that what I gave it last time or am I just full of it?



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