Murphy-Goode Home Front Red 2011

John Wine Snob says:
Usually when I go to Whole Foods I feel like I have to take out a loan, but I gotta say, there is an awful lot there that a person of discerning taste cannot find elsewhere.  This time, though,  it wasn’t so bad. I found a bottle of Murphy-Goode Home Front Red 2011 for $12.99. Then I got some lamb chops and Belgian endives and went home to create paradise. The wine was a blend, and I would guess about 50% Merlot. It was not as perfect as the lamb chops and braised endives, but then what is? It reminded me of my days stomping around the forests in Russia picking wild berries. There was a definite black currant dominance. I will give this wine 3 stars for being a good addition to a sublime copy 8


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