Joseph Phelps Insignia 1997, Caymus Special Selection 2001, Staglin 2004

A taste off with some great masters!  What a treat to be able to taste all three of these wines at one time..Thanks John C. !

Well..Let’s start with the grapes: the Joseph Phelps is a blend of Cab, merlot and petit verdot , whereas the other two are purebred cabs ( I think ) Then the size: all were 1.5 Liter Magnum bottles!! Thanks again JOHN !!  Then the pricing: The Phelps is about $600., the Staglin $500. and the Caymus : $325. First off..They are of course all great wines..separated by slight nuances and dollars!  We first tried the Phelps ..the big hitter… it was wonderfully smooth with a very rich and mellow taste.  The wine had an inner strength for a 1997 with a developed menage a trois of flavors that coddled the glass. Next was the Caymus. This Rutherford cab from Napa had a deep tasting edge , that I could almost chew, there was a depth of character like Peter O’toole  that conveyed passion, desire, and a wonderful sense of terroir. Finally the Staglin……….I tried comparing the Caymus and the Staglin..very difficult except for this:  The Staglin had a more herbaceous  and restrained ,tightly wound conglomerate ..there I said it!  well  really..I think that the Staglin has many years to go before eluding it’s magnificence!  thereby I decree that the Great and powerful CAYMUS  was the most delicious , most thought worthy most dimensional and really the most delicious wine with a something to grasp!

Caymus 2001 joseph phelps 1997 Staglin 2004


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