Pacific Peak Merlot


John Wine Snob says:


Ok, so you want a cheap wine that will not offend you? Will not poison you? Will not make you take one drink and pour it down the drain? Then the Pacific Peak California Merlot with no vintage for $3.99 at total Wine or just about anywhere else is the wine for you. I have always had trouble finding a wine to pair with BBQ’d ribs. Any wine with any sophistication would feel like Princess Grace at a Duck Dynasty family reunion. Although it doesn’t come in gallon jugs, I would feel comfortable sharing this one with the good folk I met while living in a small town in Louisiana many years ago. In fact I would have been viewed as down right heroic. This wine is fruity and full and will give you a nice slap on the back cuz it is always glad to see ya.  If it is not an Abita beer, ribs and cheap Merlot are a perfect match. I will give this friendly old cousin 2.5 stars for being the right medicine at the right time.

Pacific Peak


2 responses to “Pacific Peak Merlot

  1. Silly question: If it doesn’t have a year on the bottle, how does one know how old is the wine and if it’s still good?

  2. This is not a wine that you will store for a few years hoping that it will age gracefully. Drink it now and enjoy it. I just bought a bottle yesterday a Total Wine for $2.47. Surprised at how good it is. I could take a sharpie and write a date on it and put it with my wine. Then I could buy a couple every few months and in two or three years do a taste test to see if it improved. But I tried that once with Charles Shaw from Trader Joe’s. It got worse instead of better. So for this, enjoy the price, enjoy the wine and don’t worry about when it was bottled.

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