Chateau Mayne Guyon Bordeaux 2010


John Wine Snob says:


A bottle of French wine and a plate of French cheeses and life is perfect. Anyone who disagrees with me will be challenged to a duel. En Garde! I opened a bottle of Chateau Mayne Guyon Bordeaux 201o. It had that dusty and musty flavor of a nicely aged French cheese. That first glug, glug, glug in the glass imparted a heavenly aroma. A bite of cheese, a sip of wine, and so on and so on made my evening. This wine had a bit of roughness like Charles Aznavour singing a ballad, or my other favorite French- Armenian singer, my old friend and Parisian restaurateur Martin Yourgan. I also sing the praises of the Chateau Mayyne Guyon and give it 4 stars.

Chteau Mayne Gayone


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