Aconga Bondara-Merlot 2011


John Wine Snob says:


When I opened the bottle of Argentinean Aconga Bondara-Merlot 2011 ($7.99) at Safeway it was like I walked in and caught it naked. It screamed an irritating screech that made me think, “Oh come on. Do you think you have something I haven’t seen before?” I took a swallow and it was bitter and prudish so I let it breathe a while to coax it out of its shyness. To my surprise it started to be come quite coquettish after about a half hour. It became smooth and silky and sultry and even a little chocolatey.


I think it likes me.  It is not the greatest wine, but I let it dance for me and then we parted as friends. The weird thing is that I must confess, I had never heard of a Bondara before. When I looked it up I got a lot of results that included a sex toy company. That sure makes sense. It would be a perfect bordello wine. I will give this teaser three stars.



4 responses to “Aconga Bondara-Merlot 2011

  1. Best review ever. It’s 3.99 at Krogers in Ohio. 😛

  2. Whoa there, finally a blog that is so named as to make me giggle. Currently having a come-downance in wine tastes due to fast tanking cc account. Anyway, found this three-ninetyniner on the bottom shelf of my local Kroghetto’s. Haven’t tried it yet but must know, what object, shape or idea is being portrayed on the label. Reminds me of a gun holster. Is it simply a silversmith’s sculpture? That’s what brought me to your site…more about the wine later. If it’s good that is…

  3. I picked up this wine at kroger on my monthly cheap wine rally, my first bottle was not impressive but I don’t know for some reason I keep coming back to this wine. Maybe because it’s $4 a bottle but it’s not bad a little woodsy, slightly sweet for the price it’s pretty good.

  4. I guess I would have to be a cheapwinesnob myself, and I have enjoyed beginning to flirt with many. This one particular caught my eye by being 1.00 more expensive than another “off the wall” brand I tried, thinking the One dollar would make a world of difference on the quality. First glass is always the most honest, Taste is 3/4, what will give it a pass or purchase will be if I have a headache by this glass’ end…

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