Zibibbo Sparkling Moscato


John Wine Snob says:


Last night Mrs. Wine snob and I had some vareniki (Russian dumplings filled with preserves). They are boiled and smothered in sour cream. The sweetness of the vareniki called for a dessert wine, so I got a bottle of cheap Zibibbo pink sparkling Moscato from Australia out of the refrigerator. Never heard of it before, but I figured for $2.99 what have I got to lose. Even the label said “Cheap.” It looked like someone printed it on a home computer, then licked it and slapped it on. By itself this wine would have been tragic, but with the vareniki it worked. It was sweet, but airy. It had a really strong cherry flavor, and in our case the vareniki just happened to be filled with cherries, so it became a delightful dessert wine. I will give it 2.5 stars just be cause it was lucky enough to be served with a compatible dessert.

Zibibbo Moscato

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