Quinson Côté De Provençe Rosé 2012


John Wine Snob says:


Anyone who reads the Cheap Wine Snobs knows that I think rosé wines are an abomination – a crime against nature. Unless, of course you are in France or have bought an authentic Provençal rosé. You see, I am not only a cheap wine snob, I am also a francophile snob. Mrs. Wine snob and I decided to have a backyard picnic last night. The Hell of a Phoenix Summer is finally over and the weather,  « C’est magnifique. » Some grilled endives and bok choi, French paté, saucisson, a few French cheeses and  strawberries with sour cream and raw sugar were the accompaniment to the 2012 J.L. Quinson Côté De Provençe rosé. Although not spectacular, it reminded me so much of sitting in the beach front restaurants in Nice, Cannes, or Antibes with a pitcher of vin rose de la maison. It is nice and fruity with little of that Southern France soil. I will give this on 2.5 stars.

cotes de provence


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