Rosenblum Zinfandel 2010


John Wine Snob says:


I reviewed a 2006 Rosenblum Zinfandel  some months ago and I thought it was nice and oozy like a lot of Zins. Mrs. Wine snob and I were out on the town a few nights ago. It was one of the first non-hell hot evenings in Phoenix in many months so we were able to sit out on the patio at Central Bistro, one of our favorite new restaurants. It was one of those unbeatable cool Phoenix evenings. We ordered wood grilled octopus, a grilled vegetable medley a couple of salads, and their very special bread. So what would the wine be? We did not go with the obvious. We chose the Rosenblum 2010 Zinfandel from Paseo Robles. I think the richness of the octopus held its own with the thickness of the Zinfandel. Salads with lots of feta, Italian salami, chicken cubes, and red peppers was also strong enough. After finishing our late sup we savored the last glasses of wine and eaves dropped on some of our well-heeled neighboring diner’s inane conversations. I liked this much more than the 2006. There was a pepper finish to this one that gave it some necessary chutzpah. We topped it off with a tiramisu and looked at stars. I will say this one gets 3.5 stars.



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