Mateus Rose’


John Wine Snob says:


One night when I was a freshman in high school I contributed a dollar to the guy who looked the oldest and he was able to go across the street from our secret hiding place in some shadows near the football field to a liquor store. He procured three bottles of Mateus for the three boys and three girls. It was probably only about 89 cents a bottle at the time, so it was obviously the wino’s choice in Portugal and Granite City, Illinois  I still have a war wound from that evening from having the bottle yanked out of my hand and lips. It slightly chipped a tooth. I don’t think I have had another Mateus again (Wine Snob, you know) in the ensuing forty-three or so years. I picked up some shrimp at Sprouts and went over to find a wine to go with it, and I saw the Mateus for $6.99 still in the same shaped bottle. There was a white and a rosé so I got the rosé. I poured a glass for Ms Wine Snob and myself. Surprisingly it twas not bad. It was, of course, very simple to suit the taste of six ninth grade connoisseurs, but  it was refreshing with just enough fruit and fizz to complement the shrimp and a melon, watercress, fennel, and feta salad.  No thinking. Just eating and drinking for fun.


How about  a strong 2 stars for this nostalgic wine.



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