Wine Shop Review: Everyday Wines, Ann Arbor, MI.

While on a short vacation back to Michigan , I discovered this lovely wine store in Ann Arbor , Michigan. I loved the selections they had and was given a tour of the small shop by Mary Campbell the owner. I told her that I like wines with some oak, a little earth, maybe some dust and must too. and did she have any Cotes du Rhone?..I mentioned that I was looking for 3 bottles of moderately priced wine …around $10. – $12. She pointed me in 3 directions: A Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Cotes du Rhone, and a Cabernet. All three of the choices were excellent and thought they were all good value and sported the traits that I had told her that I liked..It’s obvious that they do taste their wines here and sell only what their good taste dictates… Thanks Mary! Great store! ( ps They also give you a great wine tote if you buy 4 bottles or more! ) The wines were: Erau Cabernet 2011 , French which I was leery of this from past experiences with cabs from Pays d’oc, but this was a smooth surprise with well balanced berry flavors and bit of terroir. The Montepulciano was : La Quercia 2011 earthy and yet light tasting for a medium bodied wine..perfect with the night’s pasta, and finally The Tresor De La Riviere Cotes du Rhone 2010, a grenache driven blend that was lovely. A soft and well balanced wine that brought back memories of Paris last year.

everyday wines

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