Trader Joes Grand Reserve Pinot 2012

This wine has the pedigrees that should make great wine: Russian river, Reserve..excuse me Grand reserve,,,Well..The first taste of this Wine was off putting .. Like a bunch of flavors were floating around not knowing where to end up… I let it sit for a while  enjoying my cabana and pool with 90 degree heat at 9 pm! Wow. It opened up all right to a lightly berry driven wine. Its a little short on the finish kind of like a clam shell closing in the sea… ending abrubtly with hardly a trace of pinot hmmm still A  mellow Pinot with a  smooth finish excited ? …like it? Kinda… I’m undecided Is it good? Yes..$12.99? that’s the question. I think it needs to age and settle down a bit..It might smooth out in a russian reserve pinot


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