Euxinograde Vrachanski Misket 2003


John Wine Snob says:


It looks like it finally happened. I believe I have found the worst wine in the world. Anyone who follows Cheap Wine Snobs knows that I have gone on long-winded tirades about the horrors of Balkan Wines. I have rarely found one that I like although there are occasional gems among the turds.  I found the Euxinograde Vrachanski Misket 2003 from Bulgaria for $12.00. Yes, I know, I never learn, but I drink bad wines and report them so you don’t have to.  From the second it opened I had a bad feeling. I could smell that putrid resin that one finds in Greek wines like Retsina. I had made some crab legs with asparagus and an heirloom tomato salad that evening and needed a rich white wine. The bottle said Dry white wine, so I asked myself, “What could possibly go wrong?” Mrs. Wine snob and I each took one sip and poured it into the toilet. It was that bad. It was not corked nor had it turned. It was supposed to be like that. I would think that even a homeless Bulgarian wino would have more taste that to drink even a drop of this swill. Mrs. Wine snob ran to get a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle from Riesling 2010 from the refrigerator so we could detox. Apologies to my Bulgarian friends, but I have to give this vile mess 0 stars. That is a first.



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