Zumaya Tempranillo


John Wine Snob says:


Was it good or was it bad? Love sweet potatoes don’t like yams; I will have that turkey, but not the ham. Sam I am, I am Sam. Did I whine about this wine? Or did I drink and dine and feel fine. It was $5.99 so I bought it, opened it, drank it. End of story. Never gave it a thought. It was not offensive, and I probably would drink it again, but what I am saying is that it is ordinary. Oh, did I mention what this liquid mediocrity is called? It is Zumaya Tempranillo 2011 from Spain. Ok, there is one positive. I got a few nice little tingly black current flavors on my tongue. And ok there is one negative. When I opened it I smelled a bitterness and thought it was corked. That changed with a little breathing. We will go straight down the middle with this one and give it 2.5 stars.

Zumaya1 tempranillo 2011


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