Liberte Pinot Noir 2011


John Wine Snob says:


With a powerful hankerin’ for some meat I bought some steaks and grilled them to perfection. I melted some Gorgonzola on top and XANADU!!! I served it with some baby rainbow carrots that were so good I could not believe it. I had a forgotten bottle of Liberté Pinot Noir 2011 from San Luis Obispo County. When I put the corkscrew in I was really afraid that it was a goner. The cork crumbled and broke in half. I had to get another long corkscrew to get the rest out. I was very pleasantly surprised because nothing was wrong with it. In fact everything was right. There was a lot of deep cherry flavor and a little pepper. I thought it was even a little chocolatty. In any case I picked a winner for the steaks and marinated my tongue pretty well too.  I am going to have to go out on a limb and give this one 4 stars.



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