Espiral Vinho Verde


John wine Snob says:


The oppressive heat in Phoenix calls for a light and crispy wine, and I think I found one of the answers. I made a salad of tomatoes and fresh herbs form the garden. Then I began my religious ritual. I got out the lamb chops. Lamb in any form is my religion. Then the choice of sacramental wine began. I had a bottle of Espiral Vinho Verde, a blend with no vintage,  from Portugal that I bought in Trader Joe’s for about $5.99 for a while so I quick chilled it. I had my first glass while cooking so I did not have all of my focus on the wine. I only knew that it relieved me of some of the heat. When I sat down to eat I took another few sips. It was fizzy and fruity (insert your own joke here). It was also pretty simple. It went very well with the salad, but I have to say it was a disservice to the wine to have it with lamb chops, which overpowered it. It would have been great to sit in a nice seafood restaurant in a restaurant on a Portuguese beach and have this with some really nice shellfish.  It was a very uncomplicated and unsophisticated wine, but sometimes that is exactly what you need. Just for being unpretentious and direct I will give this one 3 stars.

Vinho Verde


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