Mont Gravet Cotes De Gascogne 2012

I went to Whole Foods in North Scottsdale for the first time yesterday, this place  is like the magic kingdom for adults!  I never in my life have ever seen soooo many food stations( taco bar, GIANT Salad bar, Indian food, Hamburger bar, Pick a fish and they grill it bar and more! Needless to say..I was a bit overwhelmed and after experiencing the 118 degree  heat outside and.(.it was after noon.).I thought I should cool off with a white wine. This wine was suggested to me by Adam the wine buyer and bartender at the wine bar. $4. glasses of wine? YES! and great pours too!. A nice and light very refreshing French Colombard that was perfectly chilled.Limestone and minerals softly grace the palate with the smoothest finish . Perfect summer wine that ‘s a departure from the usual pinot grigio,and sauvignon blancs. Recommended $10. a bottle,$4. a glass happy hour.mont Graver

2 responses to “Mont Gravet Cotes De Gascogne 2012

  1. I bought this last week at Whole Foods and tried it the next day. VERY nice little wine! It was perhaps my first TRUE “French” Colombard – previous installments were in jug form from California 20+ years ago… 🙂

  2. I loved this as well, will purchase more.

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