Crown Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

John Wine Snob says:
There is a little town in Central Illinois called, Carlinville. There is nothing much there but Blackburn College and a really great bar called, The Wooden Nickel. Yes, it’s all woody and comfortable  inside. It is owned by a Missouri winery/brewery called Crown Valley of St. Genevieve, Missouri.
Ok, so no more boring details except that I mused the fact that it was not packed with students on a Sunday afternoon. Why, back in my day…
I ordered a Bottle of the Crown Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. It had a very unusual color for a Cab, described on the bottle as “brick red.”  I would agree with that. The color made it look rather week. The legs were thick and syrupy. Also not a good sign in the case of a Missouri wine. They are usually a bit too sweet.
The aroma was not bad, and before I tasted a bluebird darted from branch to branch above the patio tables. A conflict of good and bad omens.
My sister in law loved it. I liked it. My brother sat sour faced with a bad beer.
Although there was more sugar than expected, it was not overpowering. The plum flavor became the star, and the little bit of sweetness turned to a pleasant chocolate.
I would have lowered the temperature  a bit on this Show Me wine, but overall I was very happy with the experience.
I confer 3 stars upon this valleycab

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