Cepastantiguas Rioja 2011

John Wine Snob says:
If you have ever walked around St. Louis on a Summer afternoon you know that even your eyeballs sweat. You feel like you could snap at any second and insanely rip off all of your clothes and stand on the street corner screaming, and you would not be alone
So it was one of those nasty days, and I was stomping around the Central West End, my favorite part of St. Louis. It is a lively area of eclectic restaurants, bookstores, antique shops, and St. Louis University scholars having lunch time discussions.
I popped into the Vino Gallery, a really great wine bar and art gallery.
I was greeted by the very charming Rachel, who is the co-owner and a very knowledgeable certified sommelier.
I asked for the Cepastantiguas  Rioja 2011, which is a  Tempranillo from Spain.
It is a simple wine, that belies its low $9.00 price tag. It was so nice on a sweltering St. Louis Summer afternoon. It is light and airy with a little red pepper on top.
This Spanish Señorita gets 3.5 stars from this sweaty drinker.cepasantiguas

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