Persimmon Ridge Winery

John Wine Snob says:
It was a dark and stormy night…er…afternoon. With my brother Steve, his wife Vicki, and my cousin , Dr. Mary we wended our way through Missouri back roads to Barnhart, Mo where we settled in at the Persimmon Ridge Winery. In a green woodsy setting our amiable host, Bill (Billy) Suedkamp, who takes a great deal of prode in his wines and the comfort of his guests, poured us tastes of his Norton Dry Red (Missouri wines are dominated by Norton), the Top Red semi sweet, the Cardonel light white, the Ridge White sweet Chardonel, The Dry Blush, and the Persimmon sweet.
We started with the Dry  Blush which was light, crisp, and refreshing and perfect for a steamy humid Missouri evening. There was a nice flowery perfume and some green apple flavors.
We then sat back to listen to two of the best guitarists, Rogers and Nienhaus, I have seen in years. Thanks Billy and Persimmon Ridge for a great evening.
The most interesting wine was the Sweet Persimmon which is unique to this winery. No grapes are harmed to make this wine. It is only persimmons. I am usually not a sweet wine guy, but I would certainly have this one with a slice of pecan pie.
I will give the Dry Blush 3 stars and the Persimmon 3.5 stars.

persimmon1 persimmon 3 persimmon band persimmon people


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