Murfatlar Pinot Noir 2008


John Wine Snob says:


Are you kidding me? Why do the Balkan countries take an honorable grape like a Pinot Noir and degrade it with sugar? I have had only a very few Balkan wines that did not increase my blood sugar. I have not had a Croatian wine in a while, but they used to do some pretty nice ones. But this Romanian bottle of Pinot Noir called, Murfatlar 2008 at $9.99 nearly ruined my evening. I almost drank it with a teaspoon because I felt like I was drinking cough syrup. The Pinot is still evident, so it is not a total loss, but if you have a bowl of really nice ripe berries why cloy them with more sugar. All that said, did I pour it down the drain? Noooo, of course not. I drank it.


This disappointment gets 1.5 stars.


Murfatlar pinot noir1


2 responses to “Murfatlar Pinot Noir 2008

  1. your opinions of Josefina Rose and of Murfatlar (pinot noir late reserve) are all wrong. they are simply fruitier than you would like. I think they are super for the money although Legacy P/N Late Reserve (Murfatlar in Romania)

  2. cont. from previous post: the Romanian pinor noir late reserve I have always bought here for $6.99, and for anout $2.99 in Bucharest. BTW, Romania is not a Balkan country.

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