Crane Lake Pinot Noir 2011

John Wine Snob says:

Mrs. Wine Snob said, “Where did you get that wine? It looks like some country table wine.” I agreed. When we lived in Russia we bought lots of Georgian wines that were young table wines and were bottled similarly to this one I found at Sprouts. We used to think they were great. Oh, was I ever that young and naïve? I have had some of those Georgian wines in recent years and usually the word, “sucks,” comes to mind, although there are some that are sort of like young Italian table wines and are not bad. That is the way the Crane Lake 2011 Pinot Noir from California was. Not bad for sitting in the back yard and maybe playing some bocci. It is not great, but for $3.99 I think I have found a cheap and pretty good quality art opening wine. It is nice and peppery, and immediately drinkable. I think it has a very short life expectancy. I will give it 2.5 stars.

Crane Lake Pinot2 2011


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