Chateau Poyanne Cotes de Bourg 2011


John Wine Snob says:


This is why I am a Francophile. Even a cheap French wine is almost a guarantee of quality. I had seen the Chateau Poyanne Cotes de Bourg  2011 at Trader Joe’s for a couple of weeks. I never picked it up because the handwritten price tag said $15.99.  A couple of days ago I looked closer, and discovered that my poor eyesight had deceived me. It was actually $5.99.  Mon dieu!!! Wasted time. I bought it and certainly was not disappointed. This Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend that Bordeaux mixed berry flavor and a wonderful earthy dryness that comes from that ancient soil. French wines are great that way. It is always a taste of history and culture. I threw some kabobs on the grill and sat in my secret barbeque nook as the sun set and sipped some French Liberté Ègalité, Fraternité.  Vive la france et vive le vin. This one gets quatres etoilles from me for its taste, and of course, its price.

Chateau Poyanne2 2011


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