Brognoligo Soave 2011


John Wine Snob says:


It was a beautiful day in Phoenix. I got some mahi- mahi. Oiled it.  Herbed it with thyme, parsley red onion shoots and orange mint form the garden, and lemon juice from the tree and threw it on the grill. I got some zucchinis and yellow squash. Mixed some lentils with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, feta and more herbs and more lemon juice.  Ok…everyone on the grill? Now some wine. It was a beautiful evening in Phoenix. The sun was setting, the grill aromas wafted, so I could not waste the moment with an ordinary wine. I went to the John Wine Snob Cave and chose an already chilled Soave Classico 2011 Brognoligo Cecila Baretta. It was perfect for the occasion. It burst with the aroma and taste of freshly picked green apples. I had a couple of glasses outside and took it in when the fish was ready. Mrs. Wine Snob agreed. It held its own with the density of the mahi- mahi and the strength of garlic and feta. Some nice fresh blueberries came after, so peace reigned supreme on the Earth.


I am giving this little bambino 3 stars.

Brognoligo soave 2011


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