Conundrum White Wine 2011


John Wine Snob says:


On my way to a dinner party I was in a quandary. I was puzzled and baffled. This was a dilemma if not a catch 22. An enigma was afoot. What wine should I get to satisfy an eclectic group of people, some of whom were of questionable taste and others I had not met?  There were a few vodka drinking Russians and a vocal NRA member. There were a couple of old ladies and a young guy who was a Tai Kwan Do black belt. There was a classically trained pianist, a physician, and a guy who does not drink at all. So now you see what I was up against. I was at an impasse and this befuddlement turned into a problem and a riddle. I was absolutely perplexed and confounded if not bewildered. My mind was muddled and I was buffaloed, stumped, floored and dazed even confused. I went into Total Wine and there it was. My epiphany. It was a bottle of Conundrum 2011 from California for $18.99. It is a blend of white wines, and it seemed by the color to be dominated by Chardonnay. When we opened it at the table my efforts sort of went unnoticed because everyone had already had several samplings of wine and vodka. I made the concerted effort to muck through the mire and give it my full attention. Those of little culture missed the nice peachy pear flavors and the sort of silky cream flavors. There was a nice aftertaste of herbs. Overall a pretty nice wine that led me from an addled abyss into the light. It went well with the pork and chicken and the piroshki.


I will give this little guru 3 stars.

cnundrum 11


3 responses to “Conundrum White Wine 2011

  1. I don’t drink much white wine, but this has been a favorite since around 1995 or so.

  2. Something went terribly wrong with this vintage. I look forward to the 2012.. seriously.

  3. Yes! Zed has it exactly right. Anyone know what happened to 2011? It finishes like someone poured a (dirty) sock of nickels in my mouth. Horrible minerally bite that clashes with the butter, silk, and melon that it starts with. I heard they changed wine makers, but the website still shows Jon Bolta.

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