Babble Red Table Wine 2010


John wine Snob says:


Hey, I have to admit that I only bought this one because I liked the label. I don’t remember how much it was, but rest assured it was cheap. The wine is Babble 2010 Red Table Wine, a blend, from Mendocino. The label had really cool drawings of nice little animals, so into the basket it went. It ended up being a very nice surprise with lot of fruity goodness. Mrs. Wine Snob and I had it with a mish-mash stir-fry of shrimp, rice and lots of vegetables, and it worked really well. It would be a nice backyard hamburger wine. It was simple and friendly, like an old friend who is never offended that you don’t call for months at a time. Nice aroma (the wine, not the friend), and no pretense. This old friend gets 3 stars.

Babble 20101


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