Patraiki Red Dry Table Wine


John Wine Snob says:


This one is a poser. I still don’t know what to think. I got this bottle of Greek Patraiki Red Dry Table Wine for $9.99. Would I spend $9.99 on it again? Absolutely not, but that does not mean I did not like it. That also does not mean I liked it. As I was drinking it, Jeff Wine Snob called me and I told him about my dilemma. If I sound a bit confused, that is because I was and still am by this wine. In general, Greek wines suck. I think that is a given. In my opinion the most consistently bad wine in the world comes from Greece, although on occasion one can find a pretty good one. I opened this one and got a whiff of a wine that was just about to turn…or was it? It could be that resin taste in many Greek wines. Anyone who has ever tasted Retsina and did not gag is a stronger person than I. In any case I let it breathe a while to see if that would soften the blow. I tasted and thought that when the label said “Red Dry Table Wine” they were not kidding. It was sort of like sweeping under the bed and then putting a handful of dust in your glass and pouring the wine over it. There were some pretty good rocky soil kind of flavors, so I guess they made a pretty good effort with this one. I came to the conclusion that the bitter flavor was not of a wine that was starting to turn, but was just the actual flavor of the wine. It seems to have had a slight bit of that resin taste. I think this Patraiki Red Dry Table Wine had been stored badly since the Peloponnesian War. It was sort of musty and as complicated as Greek history. I will give this one 2 stars just for an ancient effort.



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