Franco Serra Barbera D’Alba 2010


John Wine Snob says:


Jeff wine Snob and I and some artsy type friends met for a bite and a little drinky poo at Carley’s Bistro before the Alwun House Exotic Invitational Art show. I got there first and ordered a bottle of Franco Serra Barbera D’Alba 2010 from Italy. The waitress poured me the first glass and I immediately thought, “drink this whole bottle before anyone gets here.” This thing was $26 worth of goodness. It was very rich and silky. Friends all arrived and agreed with my assessment so we ordered another bottle along with Cuban sandwiches and antipasto.  It is a nice sophisticated wine for those of us with impeccable taste and a pauper’s purse.


I will give this friendly wine 3.5 stars. Let’s see what Jeff has to say.

John made an excellent choice with this bottle , rich with flavors from  the rolling terra of Alba. Rich berry flavors with a smooth finish..Waiter another one please !

Franco Serra 1

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