Sebastiani Merlot 2007


John wine Snob says:


Ms wine Snob and I were with her parents celebrating birthdays at Ruth’s Chris Steak house in Scottsdale a few days ago. It was a rare very rainy evening creating a nice and cozy atmosphere in the dark wood interior with a beautiful view of the rainy night sky in Scottsdale.


But I digest  oops I digress. When you gotta have a good piece of meat, what better place is there that Ruth’s Chris?


Wine, wine, wine. Steaks, steaks, steaks. What wine shall we have? It needs to be perfect to go with the occasion, the atmosphere, and exquisite animal carcasses. It also has to be one especially that I would deem perfect for the ladies’ pallets.


“Aha” said I while perusing the extensive wine list. I saw a bottle of Sebastiani Merlot 2007 from Sonoma for $59.  When the waiter decanted the wine it opened up immediately into an aroma that filled the senses. Not only was it fruity and sort of thick like a fine Merlot should be, it permeated the air and had me anticipating the first sip anxiously.


My mother-in-law and I had lamb chops and Mrs. Wine Snob had a petite fillet all of which were done as per our specifications to perfection. My father –in-law eschews wine lately and so stuck with his Grey Goose.


I have to say that I could not have been happier with this Merlot.


I am going to give this ruby 4 stars.

Sebastiani Merlo - 07 sonoma

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